The Darent has been the subject of many reports and investigations over the years.

It was identified by the National Rivers Authority as being one of the most serious cases of over-abstraction among 40 catchments in England and Wales requiring positive management for environmental improvement.

These pages link to reports and information that DRiPS has gathered over the past 40 years.

»­ River Darent Draft Ecology Survey and environmentally acceptable flow regime study April 1990

»­ ES Atkins River Catchment Management plans
NRA September 1990

»­ Darent catchment investigation November 1991

»­ Darent Low Flow Alleviation NRA 1992

»­ A strategy for the Enhancement of the River Darent October 1992
In 1992 the National Rivers Authority (predecessor to the Environment Agency) commissioned Mott McDonald to study the Darent and published a joint report.

»­ Low Flows and Water Resources March 1993
NRA Facts on the top 40 low flow rivers in England and Wales

»­ The River Darent Conservation Project 1993
Produced by the NRA, it describes complementary activities to the action plan which will enhance the river when the water returns

»­ Economic Evaluation of Environmental Benefits of Restoring a Flow Regime to the River Darent May 1993

»­ Flow regime requirements River Darent
NERC Sept 1993

»­ River Darent Low Flow Alleviation ANNEX II Darent Catchment Investigation, Model Calibration results November 1993

»­ River Darent Catchment Management Plan Consultation Report July 1994

»­ The River Darent – The Way Ahead July 1994
Produced by the NRA, this short leaflet is part of the public consultation

»­ River Darent Low Flow Alleviation Main Report July 1994
A comprehensive summary of all the major reports from 1998 to 1994 and the recommended cation.

»­ Darent Action Plan NRA document November 1995

»­ River Darent and Cray Fisheries Strategy May 1997

»­ Ecological Overview River Darent 1997

Environment Agency

»­ Report on the Ecological Surveys on the River Darent to assess the effect of augmentation 1998
FER – Biological Laboratory, Addington Kent.

»­ Darent action plan Phase 1 July 1999
Environment Agency

»­ The River Darent Action Plan October 2000
Leaflet from the Environment Agency describing the plan, progress to date and the future

»­ River Darent Restoration Strategy: Volume 1 Environmental Quality Appraisal April 2005

»­ River Darent Restoration Strategy: Vol 2 Management Strategy and programme of actions April 2005

»­ Water Abstraction report 2007​
In 2005 the EA invited stakeholders in the Darent and Cray to cooperate on a comprehensive management review of water abstraction.  The team included Alan Williams, William Alexander and Steve Crowley.   

»­ The Darent and Cray Fact Files
Environment Agency

EA film Revitalising the Darent – A second chance for life
A comprehensive summary of work carried out by the Environment Agency, entitled Revitalising The River Darent was released on a DVD in 2004, complete with embedded video clips. The video format is no longer supported inside a pdf, but we have reformatted them and they are available from DRiPS (Click here to view the videos).   The rest of the document, which is extensive and very informative, can be read by clicking on these links.
»­ Part 1 – pages 1-39
»­ Part 2 – pages 40-90
»­ Part 3 – pages 91- end

EA film rainfall aquifers and chalk

»­ Water Framework Directive Habitat Investigation River Darent – Westerham to Sundridge July 2012
The Wild Trout Trust

»­ A%R Review of Abstraction as a % of recharge in chalk streams December 2021
Report prepared on behalf of the CaBA chalk stream restoration group

“All efforts to help the River Darent will fail without close involvement of the community and so we specially value our contacts with DRiPS which must be among the most well organised and articulate of all pressure groups dealing with the problems of low flows.”
Report for the National Rivers Authority, 1992

What’s special about the river?

What’s special about the river?

It’s a chalk stream – an internationally rare and precious freshwater ecosystem.

Why does the Darent need help?

Why does the Darent need help?

Sections of the Darent dried up in the past. Find out why it’s still under threat.

Do you live near the river?

Do you live near the river?

Are you worried about flooding, pollution or fish in distress? Advice, contacts and useful links.

Planning a visit?

Planning a visit?

Our suggestions for beautiful river walks and access points for the river.

The angler’s perspective

The angler’s perspective

Which fish are you most likely to spot and how healthy is the population?

Discover the flora and fauna

Discover the flora and fauna

Our handy guide helps you identify plants, mammals and aquatic life.