Join us on Monday 20th May to learn more about life on the riverbank. We will be discussing the challenge to native species from mink, signal crayfish, Himalayan balsam and pollution.

There will be a chance to learn more about the how the emerging technology e-DNA is helping to identify the presence of species in water samples. We may well touch on the subject of water supply and sewage treatment.

The evening meeting which takes the theme of Life on a riverbank near you is being held in the beautiful surroundings of The Quadrangle in Shoreham. Arrive at any time after 6.30pm for a stroll by the river with a glass of wine. The meeting will start indoors at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome!

Directions: The Quadrangle can be reached on foot from both Otford and Shoreham by following the footpath between the villages (more details here). Alternatively if you are coming by car, The road leading to the Quadrangle is off the A225. If you are heading towards Otford from Shoreham, take a sharp right turn about half a mile after Shoreham station, opposite Fackenden Lane. As you go down the lane and through the golf course there’s a fork in the road – take the left lane with the sign pointing to the Quadrangle.